Welcome to our coaching community!

The process of becoming the best coach you can be is not a destination – it’s a journey. Yes, an age-old saying that remains so true. Once your curiosity and passion is ignited for coaching, with all it’s rewards and challenges, then you will find it’s a field of possibilities for continued growth.

We are an alumni community for those who are students, graduates or guests of our coach training or mentoring programs.

The purpose of our community is to connect and stay connected with like minded coaches at all levels of their development who value the benefit of co-learning, the sharing of experience and wisdom. A place to enjoy staying in touch with a community of like minded coaches and a tribe to belong to.

Currently we plan to have four events this year being a combination of live and virtual events.

As one of my favourite leaders in coaching, Thomas Crane, says:

“Coaching requires the very best from all aspects of our humanity. It is not a path for the weak-hearted or for people who are afraid to grow. It is a path for the courageous and for people who are committed to making a difference in the lives of those they touch through coaching”.