A workplace culture for the future creates an environment of innovation and agility. It’s a growth mindset, requiring trust, engagement, innovation, accountability and ethics which coaching is at the heart of.

Coach Leader Training Program

Leaders: Leaders, emerging leaders and managers of people for: growth, development, managing change and creating a coaching culture. Develop people, manage change, transform performance management conversations, and enable and empower people in a way that creates awareness and behavioural change in a respectful way.

Coaches: Experienced, new or aspiring coaches wanting a high professional standard of skills, a pathway to credentialing and a community of like-minded coaches for continued support and encouragement.

When coaching becomes a predominate cultural practice it creates a performance-focused and feedback-rich organisation capable of meaningful impact and change for individuals, teams, the whole organisation and society.

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Coaching Skills for Leaders Programs

Starting today, managers and leaders can be significantly more effective and enjoy their work more by engaging in regular coaching conversations with their team members. Become the leader you aspire to be. Help build connections between each person’s work and the organisation’s strategic objectives, provide timely feedback, collaborate and help each person learn and grow on an ongoing basis through coaching conversations and help improvement for individuals, teams and your business.

Coaching will build stronger bonds between you and your team members, support them in taking ownership over their own learning and help them develop the skills they need to perform and reach potential.

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Leadership & Executive Coaching

As professional coaches we are expertly skilled at helping you to achieve more together than ‘going it alone’. We do this through professional collaboration to understand what you and or your organisation want to achieve, an authentic connection, taking a flexible approach to meet your needs and with a strengths based approach to leverage these strengths in further development.

Coaching can be one to one for individual leaders, teams or for cohorts as part of a wider leadership program strategy. We can provide The Leadership circle assessment as a profiling tool or work with your existing profile.

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Mentor Coaching

Expand, deepen and renew your coaching skills. Whether you are looking toward becoming ICF credentialed or simply needing to immerse yourself to revisit your existing skills. Spread Your Coaching Wings is a mentor coaching program for all coaches, both internal and external, committed to their professional development. We run this as a one day in person group mentoring retreat style in the Adelaide Hills facilitated by Inta Sellick, PCC. Enjoy diverse co-learning with like minded coaches sharing best practice with rich content around the core competencies and skills in a beautiful protea farm setting. Come and spoil yourself.

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