Specialist in the development of coaches and leaders. Coaching is how we lead, by helping people to engage in practices designed to improve performance and well-being.

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We are Coaching specialists who provide internationally accredited coach skills training and Leadership Coaching by a highly experienced crew of professional ICF credentialed coaches.

Our programs are designed with integrity for Leaders, internal and external Coaches and HR professionals. Our coaches facilitate rich learning experiences in a safe learning environment that encourages curiosity, courage to experiment and challenge. Building confidence is as important as building skills, therefore our programs are thoughtfully design so that coaching can be embedded immediately back into the workplace. Our coaches are experienced leaders who bring years of practical experience generously along with passion and wisdom.

Whether you are transforming your culture or building a strong coaching culture for change management recognising the value of coaching is the first step. Leaders now face uncharted waters in an increasingly complex and dynamic workplace with constant change where priorities and strategies are continuously shifting. The best leaders often act as coaches, intentionally developing the organisation and caring about the growth and development of their people. Developing internal capacity by expanding, training and supporting managers and leaders to integrate coaching skills as part of their leadership style and organisational culture.

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Our commitment

Our key core values are authenticity and integrity. We are sincere in saying we care about our relationships and the quality of service we provide. Each of our coaches ensure our delivery of services are underpinned with authentic connection, professional collaboration and progressive spirit.

We take the time to listen and understand what’s important to you and your organisation, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

Working with you… A note on coaching ethics

  1. We have chosen to become credentialed coaches with the International Coaching Federation. An ICF credential is a requirement over and above coach specific training recognition. ICF
  2. As professional coaches we are committed to an international standard of excellence in coaching and training and therefore stay in our professional development including coaching supervision.
  3. We take our responsibility to you, our profession and society seriously with our ethics and ethos is at the heart of this. We have pledged to adhere to the ICF code of ethics in all our interactions. The complete information on the ethics is available here ICF Code of Ethics
  4. Why ICF – We take great care in maintaining our client confidentiality and do not disclose who our individual clients are or any content of our sessions unless we have sought permission to do so.