Torsten Henschel


I have over 30 years experience working internationally across different cultures as a professional, entrepreneur, leader, consultant, facilitator and coach, investor and board member. I love partnering with individuals, groups, teams and organizations to explore and unleash the best in themselves to effectively cut through the clutter, get clear in direction and connected with all stakeholders – to do what is truly needed..

I enjoy and value an active lifestyle, if for no other reason than to keep up with our two boys. Some of my passions and pursuits include cycling, ocean swimming, surf ski racing, Tai Chi and Crossfit. To relax I may be found enjoying a glass of great wine and my wife’s amazing culinary skills, in the vibrant company of friends and family, reading a good book or listening to music, or giving back within my community, through coaching, building resilient community, mentoring teens or sea rescue.