Becoming a coach is a journey – a challenging yet highly rewarding path. It requires the very best of our humanity and for those who are prepared to grow and are committed to making a difference in the workplaces and lives of those they touch through coaching.

Thomas G Crane

When coaching becomes a predominate cultural practice it creates a performance-focused and feedback-rich organisation capable of creating and sustaining a competitive advantage.

We believe in enabling and empowering supervisors, managers, leaders and teams to be the best they can be, and create an innovative, collaborative and high trust relationships with people where people are responsible and accountable in their roles. Therefore we provide real programs that enable your people to grow, learn and develop their own awareness and leadership skills throughout each of our program levels.

Coaching isn’t an add on skill or thing to do to shift culture. It needs to be integrated into every day work approach and become part of the landscape.

So often organisations invest a great deal of resources in programs which fail to translate back to the workplace because the skills weren’t developed with confidence.

Each of our programs are thoughtfully designed to ensure your leaders develop their skills soundly and confidently through a highly experiential and practical approach. Then we continue to help and support as they put their learning into practice.

Our facilitation is also strong with two professional, ICF credentialed, coach facilitators so you have real and current experienced coaches sharing their knowledge and skills rather than a trainer.

Do we tailor our programs? Yes of course we do. Contact us to discuss your needs and we will listen and co-design a program to meet your needs.

We offer one off programs as well as complete pathway.

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Leader as Coach as a key component of developing critical leadership skills at all levels of leadership. Coaching is at the heart of, not only personal /professional development for leaders, but also provides the skills to enable a strength-based coaching culture in our workplace cultures, customer service environment and wider community.

Our Leader as Coach program is for those who work within an organisational setting and looking for a coaching program aligned to an international coach standard for both formal and informal coaching conversations.

Two day workshop taking coaching performance to the next level.

Advancing, expanding and deepening Leader as Coach skills along with; identifying your unique coaching style, how to have critical conversations and enabling managers and leaders to be the best they can be through collaboration, influence and innovation.

We highly recommend Leader as Coach as a pre-requisite.

A one day program to refresh, revisit and reignite Leader as Coach skills to maintain coaching currency.

  • Customised program
  • Held as face to face or virtual