I can only say that I was blown away, the whole day far exceeded my expectations. Inta is a skilled coach and willingly shared her expertise in a very generous way. It was a rich day where I connected with fellow coaches sharing learning in a wonderful relaxing environment. This was facilitated by Inta who allowed for co creation and shared learning. A wonderful experience!

Kath Milne

Action packed days but with plenty of reflection / feedback time and opportunity to embed the learning. Rarely get that opportunity in other training. Very positive, affirming, encouraging, supportive, constructive – with clear methodology and process that was engaging, challenging and acknowledging of attendees. Inta and Julie are 100% committed to the benefits of coaching and how it can benefit others and sometimes transform lives. Their enthusiasm is infectious and motivating.

Managing Director

Especially value the simple yet powerful models.  The coaching model is fabulous; very helpful and it works so well.  Both are excellent facilitators, excellent communication, rapport, pace, clarity and time for exploration.  Great having two facilitators.

Coach Consultant

The time and commitment to deliver this program has generated powerful learning for me that has been transformational.  Both Inta and Julie provided a safe learning environment, respectful engagement and supported me to stretch my learning.  Thank you.