Inta was absolutely brilliant.  She was always agile to respond to my unique needs and specific professional circumstances.  I trusted her completely to share my personal vulnerabilities and self-identified failings which she interpreted in order to enhance my insight and therefore professional capacities.  Inta also stretched me beyond my comfort zone, which I appreciated immensely.  I now use the concept of ‘stretching’ my team to achieve beyond what they imagine is possible and its been really successful and joyful.


Inta was the best Coach – really living her craft and guiding gently into realisation that will have long term impact.


Coach Studio are so easy to deal with. They listened to our business requirements and were able to align their program to our desired outcomes, which is to transition our organisation to a thought leadership culture using effective coaching tools and techniques for a more collaborative workforce approach.


Inta, thank you sincerely for helping me to refocus on my thinking behaviours and beliefs in a time of great need. Through you patient coaching you were able to help me bring order back into my thinking and help me focus on the critical issues holding me back. Through the goal setting process you assisted me in facing issues front on, rather than avoiding them and procrastinating.. By acknowledging the cost of not acting, and recognising that usually the only thing in the way of success is my own beliefs and fears, I was able to push through anxiety and inaction to start down a refreshed path.

One of the more profound moments for me was understanding the ‘reality gap’ and the impact it can have. The coaching process also helped me recognise some of my personal traits that are limiting my growth and ability to be a well rounded manager and without the process I don’t think I would have ever landed on these as critical limiting factors for my success.

I have been able to use many of the models and tools you gave me to better understand and support my teams as they face the ups and downs of professional life.

The shift in my thinking and awareness as a result of your coaching has been profound. My health has improved, my attitude has improved and my outlook on life and work has been refreshed. With sincere thanks.


Thank you so much, it has been a fantastic experience. Inta is an amazing and fabulous person who inspires. It helped me to revaluate my priorities and refocus on areas where I need some further development. It also provided an opportunity for me to understand and to further explore matters that had been problematic to me. Inta’s approach to problem solving and working through those problems was creative and inspiring. I have really enjoyed this opportunity and I am taking on board all that we have talked about.


I have enjoyed working with Inta through this team coaching process. It has achieved more than I could have hoped. I think your ability to cut to chase, ask the tough questions in a respectful way, hold us accountable, and encourage us along the way has been very unique and successful. Thank you!


A great facilitator who knows her stuff, applies great examples and listens well.. thank you for a great workshop.


I would not have been as effective in my new role, without our coaching sessions.